Alterations to Normalcy
Draw near and harken to these words:
  • Thursday, April 17 is an early out.  In order to get a head start for those traveling to San Antonio to find the rabbit that lays chocolate eggs with pretty pastel shells. EARLY RELEASE SCHEDULE
  • Friday, April 18 is a School Holiday  While most Fridays are good, This one is the best. 
  • Monday, April 28 is a REGULAR School Day  It was originally intended as a school holiday to celebrate what the Eastern Orthodox Church calls "Bright Monday" or "Renewal Monday" but in America is generally referred to a "Chocolate detoxification."  However, in Comfort it was also listed as a "Health & Safety Day" which is code for "Bad Weather Day."  Since we experienced "Bad Weather" that presented a "Health & Safety" issue back in January, we shall have to undergo our chocolate detoxification within the confines of our campus. 
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